AB-953 Law enforcement: Racial Profiling


Racial Profiling

AB 953, a bill introduced in the California legislature, aims to curb the harmful and unjust practice of racial and identity profiling, and increase transparency and accountability with law enforcement agencies.

Racial and identity profiling occurs when law enforcement officers stop, search, property seize, or interrogate a person without evidence of criminal activity.  These practices not only humiliate and frighten law abiding Californians, but also divert limited community resources away from evidence-based policing, thus making us all less safe. 

For example, a recent report by a California police department found that blacks were stopped twice as often as their driving age demographic representation, and that blacks and Latinos were respectively searched at three and two times the rate of whites.  However, during these searches, blacks and Hispanics were found less likely to have engaged in criminal activity. 

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Footage from Direct Action, September 2nd, 2015: