The mission of Project MUSA is to develop and empower Muslim activists in the Greater LA Area to advance the interests of the Muslim community by engaging elected officials, allies and stakeholders, and by organizing their local communities for social justice and equality.

What does it take?

No previous activism experience is necessary. The goal of Project MUSA is to build an authentic Muslim presence and voice in the civic discourse, and every community member can play a role in accomplishing this. How much time you dedicate to this project is upto you. Something as quick as one phone call, email, or tweet to an elected official can make a difference and have an impact. All of us have a duty to play the role we can. Even busy moms or students can easily fit this into their schedule.   


Participants will receive training from experts in the field on:

  • Advocacy
  • Legislative process
  • Building coalitions and relationships with elected officials and allies
  • Conducting efficient meetings
  • Effective use of social media (Facebook and Twitter) to advocate and raise awareness
  • Organizing local communities
  • Public speaking


  • Representation and enfranchisement of Muslims in the civic and political discourse.
  • Well trained grassroots activist network in Southern California.
  • Communities are organized, active, and hold the authentic voice.
  • Culture in the broader community is established where Islamophobia cannot take hold.