The two celebrations of Eid are an essential part of a Muslim's community life. Unfortunately many times Eid falls on a weekday, forcing many young Muslims and their families to choose between attending school, or celebrating their religious holiday with their community. Observing Eid and academic opportunities should not be mutually exclusive.  


The goal of our campaign is to have Eid recognized by school districts and campuses so that:

  1. Eid dates are listed on school calendars to put teachers and administrators on notice, so they can avoid scheduling exams, field trips, and group projects, and make process of obtaining an excused absence easier.  
  2. taking Eid off will not adverse impact eligibility for perfect attendance awards. 

Share Your Story

Two tools are equally important when advocating for policy changes. Statistics and stories. Statistics tell us how many people are being impacted because of or due to the lack of a policy. Stories shed light on what this negative impact feels like.

As we launch our new Eid Holiday campaign, we invite you to share your story. Tell us how taking Eid off from school effected your school work, or how you were not able to celebrate Eid with your loved ones because you had to be in school. Share with us how it would feel to take a day off from school to celebrate Eid without having to worry about negative impact on you attendance or academic performance.

Please be sure to tell us the name of your school, and grade level of student.